Top 3 Boutique Independent Retailers

Looking gorgeous is a serious business. While we understand your desperation to turn your fine self into a hot fashion statement, a pleasure to behold and a loyal disciple of hot fashion trends. The ultimate question begging for an answer remains what are the top boutique independent retailers in the US. You must satisfactorily answer this question to know where to get high-quality wear for your corporate or casual needs without necessarily emptying your bank account. Here are the top boutique independent retailers in the United States of America.

The Phluid Project

This rather rebellious, independent boutique retailer is a sharp departure from the norms as it focuses on non-binary clothing apparel. Founded by Robert Garett Smith sometime in 2018, the Phluid project echoes the dawn of gender-free apparel where people are not constrained from making fashion statements by their genetic makeup. The Phluid project offers a plethora of high-quality clothing apparel for customers to choose from. A significant number of fashion brands have partnered with this rebellious, daring boutique retailer that is hell-bent on challenging societal norms. 

The Phluid project ranks high among the top boutique independent retailers in the United States for its audacity to question what we call societal norms. The deliberate attempt to support the unheard that has made a bold decision to ditch a gender-based categorization of human beings for a non-binary classification is commendable.


Nove is your one-stop center for female apparel that was carefully made from organic materials. This independent retail boutique gives customers access to exquisite formal trenchcoat made from specially grown organic cotton, organic linen scrunchie, kasan trousers, majka jacket, just to mention a few. All clothing apparel offered for sale in Nove is made wholly from organic materials. 

One of the downsides of this promising independent retail boutique is that it offers less to nothing for men; being gender-focused exponentially reduces the number of potential customers. Apart from female clothing apparel, customers can also purchase jewelry from Nove. It is, however, unclear whether the jewelry is also made from organic materials.

Aline Boutique

You can either book a private appointment or simply walk in and immerse yourself in the buffet of premium, high-quality, deluxe, affordable clothing apparel available for sale. What more can you possibly ask for when Aline boutique gives you access to highly trained professional stylists who will offer useful tips to make you stand out from the crowd and turn you into a superstar at your forthcoming alumni reunion. 

The Aline boutique offers home and office drop-off, ward rope and closet edits, friendly staff to assist with packing, and a sip of original, premium quality champagne as you browse through a wide range of fashion items.


It should be noted that this list is not mutually exclusive; it is also worthy of note that we arrived at this list of top boutique independent retailers through a comprehensive aggregate review from customers and data-driven research on the quality of services rendered by notable independent boutique retailers across the United States of America.