Top 3 Gift Independent Distributors

With the industry worth about $18.2 billion in 2019 and a projection of $1.59 billion within the next 3 years, gift distribution is obviously making way for itself in the US industry group. This is unsurprising, given our inclination to care for loved ones during festive seasons and special occasions. Cute little and large boxes are the highlight of every Christmas (alongside the tree of course).

However, the industry is hardly measurable in terms of the most profitable and similar metrics due to the differences in services. There is no exact definition of the products that independent gift retailers trade. Some may deal in giftware only, while others may include home decor, collectibles, and seasonal decorations.

Do you have interest in this industry? Here are the three top independent distributors in America. 

Wholesale Mart

Wholesale Mart is a leader in the American bulk importation and wholesale distribution of wholesale gifts, promotion items, and general merchandise, such as garden accessories, seasonal products, home decor, collectibles, and kitchenware. The company is the leading supplier for online distributors, Amazon sellers, eBay traders, digital store owners, and flea market traders; thanks to the excellent discount of 10% or more on orders. 

Key Features:

  • Lots of giftware and home decor collectibles at factory prices.
  • Low minimum order requirement ($50) with significant discounts.
  • Plenty of warehouses across the country for fast shipping.
  • Excellent for online sellers, marketplace traders, and eBayers.
  • Professional product images and descriptions for sellers. 

CTW Home Collection

CTW Home Collection has led the design, import, and distribution of bulk giftware and home decor items for over 4 decades now. The company initially specialized in the production of handmade tinwork items before expanding into other areas. CTW Home Collection now stocks over 1,000 unique products in various categories, such as kitchen accessories, home decor, textiles and furniture, and seasonal decor. 

Key Features

  • Top giftware and home decor distributor for over 40 years.
  • Plenty of high-grade products in numerous categories.
  • An extensive range of retro, chic, and vintage styled home decorators.
  • $100 minimum order requirement and fast shipping options.
  • Offers dropshipping services. 

Eastwind Wholesale Gifts

Eastwind Wholesale is a seasoned importer and retailer of bulk giftware and home decorations to online stores, other independent retailers, and eBay sellers across the United States. The distributor offers thousands of high-end products at affordable trade prices and has no minimum order requirement. Offerings include animal ornaments, water features, fairy figurines, photo frames, and seasonal merchandise.

Key Features

  • Thousands of excellent gift and home decor items.
  • Suitable for smaller retailers, e-commerce stores, and eBayers.
  • No minimum order requirement.
  • Fast shipping options. 
  • Affordable trade prices with no fees required for set up. 


Gifts are a vital part of human nature; they may even be ranked under physiological needs during festivities. As such, they’ll always be in demand. If you’re a manufacturer of gift items, the three distributors above will help to sell your products even further. However, you may need to have conquered local terrains first.