Top 3 Gift Independent Retailers

Whether you want to celebrate a loyal partner that stood by you through thick and thin, or you are looking for the best way to spoil your daughter on her upcoming birthday. Looking for the perfect place for high-quality gifts can be quite difficult. We have taken the pain to compile a list of the top independent gift retailers for your ultimate enjoyment, perusal, and appraisal.

Uncommon Goods

One of the best ways to appreciate uncommon people in our lives is by gifting them uncommon goods as gifts (all pun intended). The uncommon goods are one of the top gift independent retailers in the US. This retail store has a wide range of uncommon gifts for people in every demography. 

You can commission brilliant artists to create awe-inspiring gifts for your loved ones on their special occasions, no matter the budget. This independent retail store offers unlimited free shipping with friendly terms and conditions. Whether it is Fathers’ day, Mother’ day, Children’s day, or whatever the day is, the uncommon goods have got your back for uncommon gifts for uncommon people.


Located in New York City, Catbird is one of America’s emerging giants in the retail industry. There seems to be no end to the wide varieties of fine jewelry you can purchase from this store. Apart from jewelry, you can buy gift items like candles to demonstrate the burning flame of love, water perfumes, diffusers, fragrance, lounges, and accessories. Customers enjoy discounts on their first purchase from this store. 

Contrary to what its name suggests, you can’t buy gifts for your pet cat or whatever animal you call pet from this store. One of the downsides of the catbird is the feminine aura surrounding the store, suggesting that it is a female-centric store. While this is not a bad thing exactly, it will help if men are also considered.


This exclusive gift retail store offers handmade goods crafted by some of the finest female artisans the world has ever seen. One need not be a fan of fine and applied art to appreciate the quality of artworks for grab. Whether you are looking for a multicolored egg basket, a hand-painted mug, a small hanging lantern, handblown glassware, and other beautiful gift ideas for your loved ones, Globein is the place to be. While it may not be the best gift independent retailer in the US, it has earned a place among the top independent retailers in the United States of America.


Finding the top gift independent retailers in the US is a tough nut to crack. Our list is a product of comprehensive research on the quality of products, quality of services, and, most importantly, customer reception of these independent gift retail stores. We were careful not to include the giants in the industry as we believe the key to getting the best from the retail sector and promoting small-scale businesses is giving them room to breathe away from the suffocating grips of industry giants.